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eCommerce Store Setup

core services

core services

eCommerce Store Setup

Thinking of having a high converting eCommerce store?

We have been working with eCommerce websites for more than 10years now and know in-depth all techniques to get a high converting eCommerce website.

We mainly focus on industry leading eCommerce solutions like Magento, Shopify to provide a quality store.

We have worked with the website have more 1 million customers and daily active users of more than 10,000.


  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Expo
  • Electron.js


  • Payment Gateway
  • Shipping Methods
  • Multi Vendor
  • FPC Caching
  • Point of Sale


Planning & Strategy

There are many eCommerce platforms available, we have been working with industry leading solutions like Magento, eCommerce for 10years now.

We can help you plan and advise on what's the best way to get your store setup done choosing the best available plugins and integrations.


UX Concept & Design

Having a modern and beautiful storefront is critical in engaging your customers.

We provide you with pixel perfect, responsive designs for your storefront, still maintaining a fast loading website.


Store Setup

We write quality code and help you get your store live fast.

We can develop complex business processes you may have for your store, set up payments and shipping on your website.


Sales & Analytics

Once you have a running store, it's important to be able to optimized sales and conversions.

We can help you set up analytics and modules on your store to be able to increase customers engagement on your website and help you increase conversions.


Maintenance & Support

Maintaining and keeping your store up to date is very critical.

There are many security patches and upgrade release continuously.

We help you keep your store healthy and securing your customer data.








TechStack we prefer

We are not fanatical about a single solution. We pride ourselves on finding the best fit for our client’s needs.

As tech world is changing very fast, we keep adding latest tech to our stack.



Why Excellence Technologies for eCommerce Store Setup?

What eCommerce Store means to us
at Excellence Technologies

Full Service eCommerce Store

Looking for a fully custom eCommerce store with custom business processes and workflows. We can develop a highly customized store as per your requirements.

Small Quick Store Setups

Looking to get quickly up and running to try out your idea. We can quickly setup a store for you to get up and running and start receiving orders.

Fully Custom Workflows

Have an existing store but looking to setup custom business processes or pages in it? We can help you develop complex business logic as per your needs.

POS Solutions

Looking for ready made POS solutions and having them integrated with your store to sync inventory, prices? We got premade solutions for your needs.


With latest trends gearing towards having PWA webstore using vue storefront or reactjs frontend with graphql backend, we have got you covered.

Module Development

We develop plugins/modules for existing eCommerce stores setups.

Custom Shipping Methods

There are many shipping methods available for your specific local regions and countries. We can integrate their API's in your web store and setup shipping with your order process.

Payment Gateway

Get payment gateway of your choice. Contact us to get a specific payment gateway integrated on your web store.

We guarantee a very fast response

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Introduction to Mongodb Compass

MongoDB Compass is the official database viewer and query analyzer for the Mongo database. It is a freely available graphic interface tool and provides a lot of interesting as well as useful functionalities to the users. In this blog, we will explore the several use cases of MongoDB Compass and determine how useful they can be in terms of viewing our database and collections. For the installation of MongoDB Compass visit:


Creating a custom middleware with redux

You might have used redux with react as it is a very common practice. Many people use redux-saga or redux-thunk for async actions as middlewares. Redux allows you to create your own custom middleware as per your requirement. A middleware can be added in between dispatch and reducers, so that we can alter the actions or can dispatch other actions (for async actions).
This is done with a function returning function. So, lets first understand about function returning function.
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Service Workers

A service worker, simply, is a script that runs in the background and do not require the web page to load. It runs on separate thread and can not directly access the DOM. It interacts with webpages through post messages.

For the first time, I used service workers for push notification. And it is really easy to integrate it in your javascript code.

Service worker are asyncronous and can not use XHR and localStorage inside it.


Making our client’s happiness isn’t just about building beautiful websites. It’s about building a relationship,
earning trust and growing together

Alexis Manach


The application built by Excellence Technologies has expanded the user base to 5 million and successfully provides all desired features. The team is knowledgable and make themselves available around the clock to solve issues as they arise so that development can continue.

Martin Romanuk


Great React developers, they helped us to go forward with all of our requirements. Highly recommendable.

Kristian Poulstrup


Excellence did an excellent job on my project. The tasks were completed on time and to specification. Communication was good and the developers were always positive. 10/10 would recommend it.

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