Our Core Service is all about TECH,
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very early to adopt them into our stack
Web Application Development

core services

core services

Web Application Development

Thinking of having a blazing fast, responsive, modern web app?

A blazing fast, responsive website is essential to keep your visitors engaged. As the entire web app ecosystem is moving towards javascript we have updated our entire tech stack with the best javascript frameworks.

We develop modern single page websites with server-side rendering to provide you with the best possible customer experience.

We always stick to best industry practices like flux for state management, rest APIs for our apps and source code management using git.


  • ReactJS
  • VueJS
  • Angular
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • MaterialUI
  • Redux
  • Vuex


  • PWA
  • SPA
  • SSR


Planning & Strategy

We plan projects to include milestones, scope of work and timelines to stay on budget and deliver a solution as per your expectations.

Our strategies to always to keep up with the latest tech stack but still delivery stable and maintainable solutions for the long term.


UX Concept & Design

Send your specification and we’ll send back wireframes, guidelines which embraces your vision.

We work with the latest design tools like Figma, Adobe XD to easily collaborate and developer quality UI/UX for your web apps.


Frontend Development

We write well structured, quality code following industry best practices.All our code is always commented and also using version control and PR verified.

We always stick to best practices and provide maintenance code.


Testing and quality assurance

We understand the importance of testing and delivery of a project.

We follow rigorous testing processes with inhouse testing team and also set up automated End to End/ Unit tests using modern CI/CD pipelines.


Advice & Support

We believe in maintaining relationships with our customers rather than providing them with a one-time solution.

In this fast-changing tech landscape, we keep advising and supporting our customers with the best possible technologies to stay ahead of the curve.










Material UI








TechStack we prefer

We are not fanatical about a single solution. We pride ourselves on finding the best fit for our client’s needs.

As tech world is changing very fast, we keep adding latest tech to our stack.



Why Excellence Technologies for Web Development?

What Web App Development means to us at Excellence Technologies

Web Apps

We develop custom web apps tailormade to your specifications. From finance, banking, travel to complex ERP, CRM systems we have done it all. We provide you with blazing fast, fully responsive websites.We use latest tech stack like React.js, Vue.js, Angular to developer yours website depending on your specific use case.

Dashboard Development

Providing your users with highly interactive dashboards is very critical for growing businesses these days.We developer modern and engaging dashboard systems to provide your customers with accurate and easy to access information.

eCommerce Store

We offer end-to-end eCommerce solutions with payment gateway integration and 3rd party modules.We can get you up and running from scratch to have a fully running eCommerce store and selling to your customers.

SaaS Web Apps

If you're looking for custom saas solutions for your startup, we provide tailormade solutions with payment gateways integrations and customer management.We can develop your entire product using the latest tech stack and give your startup the cutting edge advantage.

Legacy Websites

We work with PHP frameworks and also technologies like jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 to maintain and upgrade your existing websites.Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing website or still add features to it we can help you with the same.

Custom CRM ERP Solutions

Looking for custom EPR/CRM solutions for your organization?We provide both readymade and tailormade Whitelabel solutions. We build on top of populator open source stacks or can develop systems from scratch based on your requirements.


We work with many startups and to help them realize their vision.We are able to work on a budget and provide with a fast turn around.We can help you market your vision using the latest tech stack and help you stay ahead of the curve.

Responsive Landing Pages

Have predesigned simple landing pages? We can develop them to a website quickly and provide you with full responsive, pixel perfect designs.

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Making our client’s happiness isn’t just about building beautiful websites. It’s about building a relationship,
earning trust and growing together

Alexis Manach


The application built by Excellence Technologies has expanded the user base to 5 million and successfully provides all desired features. The team is knowledgable and make themselves available around the clock to solve issues as they arise so that development can continue.

Martin Romanuk


Great React developers, they helped us to go forward with all of our requirements. Highly recommendable.

Kristian Poulstrup


Excellence did an excellent job on my project. The tasks were completed on time and to specification. Communication was good and the developers were always positive. 10/10 would recommend it.

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