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core services


Deploying your solutions on cloud platforms?

Deploying your solutions to cloud is very critical to get a scalable and secure platform.

We work with many different cloud solutions and architectures to provide you with a custom plan as your needs.

While its important to use cloud solutions, it also very critical to use proper architecture to lower costs and have minimum downtime.

We have a lot of experience working on different cloud platform and cloud services to help get the best possible results.


  • AWS
  • Shopify
  • Azure
  • Digital Ocean
  • Heroku
  • Firebase


  • EC2, Compute
  • Lamda, Cloud Functions
  • Redshift / BigQuery
  • Dynamo Db / Cloud Datastore
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Firestore


Cloud Platform

We help you choose the best cloud platform specific to your project. There are many cloud platforms out there with specific advantages and unique services.

Our strategy is to help you maximize what you can gain out the cloud services while keeping your costs low.


Cloud Services

Every cloud platform has a host of services to offer for different requirements.

We help you navigate through the plethora of services our there and help you choose the best service specific for your project.


Architecture Design

We design a secure and scalable architecture for your platform to deploy on the cloud.

A robust system architecture is very crucial to maximum cloud throughput and keep costs low.

We highly recommend using microservices architecture to create secure and scalable systems.


Continuous Deployments

It's very important to be able to deploy your latest releases in an automated fashion with automated testing and minimum downtime.

We help you setup pipelines and release stages using the latest tools to have minimum downtime and smooth deployments.


Monitoring & Scaling

Once a full system architecture has been setup a deploy it's very important to keep monitoring services and system help.

We help setup automated health checks and notifications for critical events.

Also setting up load balancers and automated scaling of instances to help meet your growing user demand.


















TechStack we prefer

We are not fanatical about a single solution. We pride ourselves on finding the best fit for our client’s needs.

As tech world is changing very fast, we keep adding latest tech to our stack.



Why Excellence Technologies for Cloud Infrastructure and Deployments?

What Cloud Services means to us at Excellence Technologies

Deploy your apps on cloud instances

Deploy your apps on cloud compute and take advantage of different CPU and memory instances. Get general purpose to compute instance to high memory/high CPU depending on your specific and go upto latest GPU compute instances, you can choose all. We help setup many solutions from AWS ec2, light sail, google compute, google app engine among many other populate solutions.

Cloud Database

Database is always one of the most critical blocks of any system. Choosing a database solution and optimizing it for your app is very important. We work with many solutions like AWS dynamodb, redshift to google Bigtable, Cloud SQL, firestore and help you choose what's best for your app.


Firebase is a very popular cloud solution for mobile apps providing a host of services from firestore, storage, hosting, cloud functions, crash analytics, cloud messaging among many others. Using firebase significantly reduces development time and overheads.

Serverless Lambda - Cloud Functions

Deploy your API's and batch jobs on serverless architecture. Get fully scalable API's and high compute while paying only for what you use! Writing serverless API's gets your scalable API to easily meet your peak demands but still paying only for what you use.

Microservices - Message Queues

Microservices is a very popular cloud architecture to deploy small independent components of your app as micro services and easily able to scale those services across instances. Using high performant message queues like Kafka, Rabbitmq, Cloud pub/sub paired with container orchestration like Docker, Cloud Registry, Kubernetes you can setup a really power architecture.

Cloud Storage & Backups

Planning to launch your existing product on a mobile app? We can provide you with quality work to help you increase your customers and get more conversions.

Why Excellence Technologies for DevOps?

What DevOps means to us at Excellence Technologies

Kubernetes - Docker Swarm

Looking to scaling your containers, we work with complex setups using Kubernetes or simple solution using docker swarm. Depending on your requirements we have got you covered.

CI/CD Pipelines

We help you setup pipelines using tools like Jenkins, Travis ci, Circle ci, GitHub workflows to achieve automated testing and deployments for your environments. With fully automated workflows, there is no room for errors or mistakes.

Automated Testing & Deployments

Writing simple but effective unit tests for your apps are quite critical to get smooth deployments. With many frameworks out there, we help choose the best testing tools and setup unit tests for your apps.

End to End Testing

There is nothing like setting up full end to end testing for your app. With cutting edge tools like Cypress.io, Nightwatch, puppeteer we have got you covered.


Its always best to containerize all your apps, to ensure smooth dependency management and service installation across machines.Docker is the industry standard to containerize your apps and our default tool to work with for all apps.

Environments and Release Mgmt

We setting multiple environments like dev, staging, prod depending on your requirements and the level of testing you need. Release management is very critical to ensure smooth deployments for your customers and minimal downtime.

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