What’s a Styled Component and how it’s different from Component styled with CSS

Why Styled Component??? The simple concept on which the whole modern web applications are built is that in order for us to make the webpages desirable we have to style them and for styling purpose we use CSS. Let’s assume we are building a large scale application and we the developers have so much on our plate that we really don’t keep track of all the classes that are being used in the pages and thus we end up getting the Class Name Collisions and that my friend is a pain in the ***.

Shopify vs Magento: Which one is better for you.

What comes first in your mind when you think about setting up e commerce business? Magento or Shopify, the question has many answers according to the relevance and requirement of the user. Choosing the right platform as a fundamental block defines the success of your business. Choosing the right platform according to the budget and resources is very critical. Magento and Shopify are the two biggest names in the industry of E commerce development.

Speed Optimization in Magento 2: The steps to be followed

In the era of digitalization various e commerce CMSs (Content Management System) are marking their presence noticeable. Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc are among the most common platform used by development teams. Magento is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used E commerce platform for designing robust, flexible, and customizable user interfaces. It is performance oriented hence, it is the first choice for developers. Latest Magento 2 is the first choice for most of the e commerce website and online start-ups.

Are you ready to switch from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.0? Things you need to know

Magento, a leading open source e commerce platform that is written in PHP language. Magento is convenient for Magento development teams because of its flexibility and customization properties. It empowers retailers, brands, developers by providing highly flexible cloud solutions. It provides control over the content and functionalities of the online store to the developer. Search engine optimization, marketing, and catalogue management tools are some of its crucial functions. Companies like Vizio, Inkcartridges, Gear.

React Pure Component And React.memo()

As we have established React is all about breaking down the UI into small components. Let’s suppose we have a parent component that renders multiple child components and the pros we provide to the child components are different from each other. But have you ever noticed that whenever you change the parent component state, it triggers the render method of all the child components, regardless of whether we are using the values in those components?

Nodejs Headless CMS: Strapi.io KeystoneJs

Node.Js It is an open-source server environment that is free of cost for all developers around the world. Node.js runs on various platforms (Linux, Windows, Unix, Mac OS). The Node.js uses synchronous programming and JavaScript on the server. Send Task to the computer file system The file system opens and reads the file. The server returns the content to the client Ready to handle the next question Node.