Nowadays we see a lot of serious security breaches in the software. Someone said that, If you develop software, security is a part of your job.
Here are some tips which you can use to improve the security of your node app:

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a cloud-based email sending service which is made to send notifications and emails. SES is a reliable way to unload the burden of sending the emails in a conventional way.

SES is very reliable and cost effective for all size of business which uses email service to keep the contact with their customers. You pay only for what you use. So we can say that it’s a pay-per-use

In this blog, we will learn to upload, retrieve and delete files on AWS S3 server using aws-sdk library. It provides limitless virtual storage of the files.
Buckets, objects, and folders in Amazon S3 can be managed by using AWS Management Console.

Today we will learn how we can deploy a Node.js application to AWS Lambda with the help of Serverless Framework. We will combine AWS API Gateway with AWS Lambda which will work as the entry point of the Lambda function.

AWS Lambda is a pay-per-use serverless service. You just deploy your code to AWS and they handle the rest. It scales the node server automatically and has no downtime. AWS Lambda can be said as, Function as a Service. You deploy the code, it gets invoked when called, processes, and returns.

Variables are fundamental building blocks of any programming language. For better understanding any programming language we first have to understand variables. In Javascript, we can define a variable using these three keyword var, let, const. These three keywords behave differently in a different scenario. In this blog, we will look into the lifecycle and scope of the variable.


Visual Studio Code is by far one of the best IDE for developers due to its large numbers of plugins, cross platform etc. We will be mainly focusing on Remote – SSH plugin for Visual Studio Code that will help us to connect to a remote server / system for application development using our local workstation cool!

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