Variables are fundamental building blocks of any programming language. For better understanding any programming language we first have to understand variables. In Javascript, we can define a variable using these three keyword var, let, const. These three keywords behave differently in a different scenario. In this blog, we will look into the lifecycle and scope of the variable.


Visual Studio Code is by far one of the best IDE for developers due to its large numbers of plugins, cross-platform, etc. We will be mainly focusing on Remote - SSH plugin for Visual Studio Code that will help us to connect to a remote server/system for application development using our local workstation cool!

This article will help you get the basics of chrome’s developer tool and turn you from a novice user to a Power user.

Atom vs. Visual Code Editor. Speed, Plugins, Formatting Helpers, git support There are several debates regarding editor comparisons over the forums. Today comparison will help you decide according to your preferences for the best suitable editor. No Doubt Editor is the strongest tool in common for any developer. It helps you save a lot of switches and remembering tasks, for example, function parameters, similar function names, syntax formatting and a lot more you know of.