Responsive Design

Many times we write javascript or jquery for a particular effect. But these effects are easily achieved by CSS. We write many lines of code in javascript and jquery which can be achieved by writing a few lines of code in CSS. In this section, we will discuss some of them. In this blog, we will only discuss basic detail.

The first and most fundamental concept in building a responsive web design is the units that we use to set many of our properties with.
In this article, we are going to learn some CSS units and how they are different from each other and when to use a particular unit according to your requirements.

Almost everyone these days wants a mobile version of their website. If we think of a website we don’t have to explicitly say a “responsive website“. It is expected from the developer to make a website responsive.

In this blog post we see what all things we need to know/take care of while making responsive design. This blog will mostly be a collection of important css resources which you need to know when starting with responsive design.

While implementing response sites, its a very common use case where you have a left/right column which is fixed width and the other column need to take rest of the available space. Lets see how to deal with this problem