react native

This blog is to give an insight on what Expo is and what Expo can do for React Native developer. There are two ways to start building a new React Native Application, either with React-Native CLI or with Expo CLI(previously it was create-react-native-app). The first notable difference between both is ease of getting started, without any configuration or any initial setup, which is provided by Expo CLI. You don’t need to install XCode or Android Studio to build native code which is not the case with React-Native CLI.

Firebase is a really great backend tool which works very well with mobile apps and web apps as well.

Firebase allows you interact with cloud database and write backend api function using javascript. So if you are a frontend javascript developer, using firebase you are able to easily write backend code in your application.

At first we are not easily convinced about Firebase, but after using it in action it seems like Firebase may be able to speed up conventional mobile and web app development — by a lot!