Python Getting Started

This article will be a serial of articles which will be used actual as a training guide in Excellence for learning python.

These training guides are written with a specific theme and mindset, before reading the guide please read them so its clear how i am approaching the guide

  • I am new to python myself, so the training guide will evolve in terms of coding standing etc as we progress since i am learning myself.
  • I believe in learning with practice, so it is encouraged to write code as you learn
  • I have rich experience in javascript (react, node, angular, vue) / php frameworks of more than 10yrs. Even though i am new to python i have a good technical background. So many things might look fast to you depending on your experience
  • This guide is mainly focused towards rest api implementation via python, not generic python as such. I only to use python for rest api’s right now and this focus is focused towards that only and nothing else
  • I will try to use any many external resources which i found to be good and i don’t want to invent the wheel again. What i will try to provide is good direction, problems to solve/solutions and real project implementation all focused towards developing rest api’s
  • As have rich experience in nodejs, laravel etc my process/architecture would be more in-line experiences there rather than pure python

So to begin with the basic syntax of python can be learned from here 

cover the entire “Learn the Basics Section” it should give a fair idea of how basic syntax of python works.

You can do it all on there website and no need to install python at this stage.

Our python article’s right now would be focused mainly towards api development only. Python can be used for many other purposes but for now we would stick to api development only to start with.