What is Web Scraping? Web Scraping is the process of data extraction from various websites. DIFFERENT LIBRARY/FRAMEWORK FOR SCRAPING: Scrapy:– If you are dealing with complex Scraping operation that requires huge speed and with low power consumption then Scrapy would be a great choice. Beautiful Soup:- If you’re new to programming want to work with web scraping projects then you should go for**_ Beautiful Soup_**. You can easily learn it and able to perform the operations very quickly, up to a certain level of complexity.

When we are working with ML, we are most of the time working with vectors in higher dimensions. This makes it very difficult to actually visualize and view data. Above are few of the methods which we can use to visualize data.

Word embedding is a very important concept in NLP. Its very important to understand what is it and what it is used for.


NLP is a branch of machine learning which mainly deals with text language and making it able for a system to understand human language.

We look into libraries like spacy, nltk and scikit-learn and implement some basic things used with NLP.

This article is for the development of a REST API for communication with other users with the help of a REST API called Twilio. Twilio’s APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) is a platform for communications with users globally. Behind these APIs is a software layer connecting and optimizing communications networks around the world to allow your users to call and message anyone anywhere.

Introduction In one of our projects, we need to integrate google calendar into the website. So the company for which we were making this web app involves managing payrolls and personal data for the employees of several companies. The problem which we faced is how to sync their all payroll dates data with google calendar? As there were lots of dates to be synced with google calendar. These are the codes which we wrote to do initial setup:-
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